Quail Eggs

Quail Eggs for Sale

We have Quail eggs available for purchase. They are sold for $4.00 a dozen.

If you are interested in a larger amount connect with us to place an order. These make wonderful canapés, appetizers, snacks, garnishes or salad toppers.

Why Verley Farms Quail Eggs?

We feed the birds on our farm a soy-free and GMO free diet. It is sourced from a local farm that custom mixes it. Our eggs are collected daily to ensure freshness and quality.

Benefits of Quail Eggs

Did you know quail eggs have amazing health benefits:
– boost energy level 
– improve vision 
– reduce the risk of anemia 
– boost metabolism 
– cleanses the body 

Verley Farms Farm Fresh Quail Egg
Hard boiled and half open held in a hand
Quail eggs taste similar to chicken eggs but are extra-rich, have creamy yolk and are about the size of a large olive.

**They have a higher yolk-to-white ratio than regular chicken eggs making them less ideal for people with elevated cholesterol but are very healthy. 

Usually 4 quail eggs replace 1 chicken egg.

We have farm fresh quail eggs available. Connect with us to place your order.


Our Location - Update

Due to COVID, we have seen an increased interest in our products. Thank you for supporting local! Also we don't have a storefront or a location available to the public. All orders are for pre-arranged pickup. Stay safe and healthy!