Organic Black Mulberries on the Farm – June/July
Did you know it can take a mulberry tree 10 years to bear fruit?
We are lucky to have one very large one on the farm.
We have two smaller ones that are still growing and will one day provide fruit.

What Do Mulberries Taste Like?

Mulberries have a mild sweet flavor that is similar in taste to dried goji berries and figs. They have small seeds.

We have black mulberries (Morus nigra) at Verley Farms.  

Delicious, mild sweet and very juicy that stains fingers and clothes!

Organic Farm Fresh Mulberries

What are the Health Benefits of Mulberries?

  • Antioxidant Powerhouse
  • Great Source of Fiber
  • More Vitamin C than Oranges
  • Rich in Protein, Iron & Calcium

How to purchase our farm fresh mulberries?

Connect with us on social media and send us a direct message. We would be delighted to set up a time to have you visit the farm. We also have a pick up station for placed orders on the property. The window for our mulberries is a few weeks so make sure to grab them while they last!

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Our Location - Update

Due to COVID, we have seen an increased interest in our products. Thank you for supporting local! Also we don't have a storefront or a location available to the public. All orders are for pre-arranged pickup. Stay safe and healthy!