Summer 2018


We had a great harvest of mulberries this year. The chickens enjoyed eating them also when they were free ranging. It was special to have family and friends come over to harvest the berries. We sold, ate some and froze a lot to enjoy later. The quail loved getting them as treats.


(We even had a deer come by to eat mulberry leaves- we will be working on fencing to keep them out in the future)

We have been working on getting the large trees trimmed, overgrown plants cleaned up and our master plan. We have two sheds ordered to be delivered in the next few weeks. We are working on our irrigation and can’t wait to get fruit trees (if we can find any this season).


Our logo was finalized. It took us several revisions to get it just right but we love the outcome. We now have beautiful stickers to put on our products. We want a fresh beautiful design to showcase our brand. In honor of D’s grandmother, her maiden name was Verley, we named the little farm after her. She was a lovely french woman who loved fresh produce, family and good cuisine.

Established 2018


Farm fresh eggs
Some of our new girls/boys
Godiva loves to be out in the yard with the chickens.

We got chicks in the Spring and we are waiting for them to start laying in the fall. Our older girls are laying but we don’t have enough to sell yet. We have been collecting egg cartoons from friends and family in preparation for our laying girls.

Keep an eye on our facebook page for details when we do have farm fresh eggs available for sale.

Some of the adorable chicks we raised in the Spring



We raised baby quail and now they are laying eggs regularly. We are able to fill orders and these birds are adorable. Godiva loves to come out with us when we take care of them to watch. We had a custom coop built to house them. They love to make sounds, eat berries and run around the pen.

Godiva is showing off the new outdoor quail coop we had built.



We are excited to have five hives this year. We got bees from a local contact who is active in the Treasure Valley Beekeepers club. We got them in April. It has been neat to see them develop their colonies. Honey will be flowing in a few weeks as we harvest. We have had some interest in learning how to process honey. We will create an event on facebook to invite people over. Check out this video of when we got our bee-autiful girls!

Talk about a bee-autiful jar of raw local honey!

Around the Farm

The canal that backs up to the property. Our pump will go in this area so we can irrigate.
Moonlight from the farm is just magical
Veronica with Aunt Jemima, our oldest chicken, on the 4th of July. She is six years old.
We had a summer storm the other day and found a rainbow.

We are excited to grow our little farm.

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Happy Summer!

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